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Branding Is the primary visual DNA of your company's brand. And though it can also reference grammar, tone, word usage and point of view. Essentially, it's used to describe, define and present examples of what your identity looks like in various visual media such as print, Internet and broadcast. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Branding separates [...]
1. Your Own Schedule Nothing says I love you more than — I trust you to manage your work schedule. Giving each employee the space and freedom to customize their weekly schedule to their personal work preferences is one of the best ways to create a better work environment. 2. Make it Feel Like Home [...]
Just as there is an app for everything, the same is true about web development. In this case the same is true about web plugins, CMS plugins to be exact. With the versatility and easy to use of a CMS (content management system), the ability to make your website do whatever you need has never [...]

As most small business owners do, they try to cut corners when first opening their doors, and unfortunately skimping on your businesses look and feel can be a costly fix later on. While it seldom appears on the balance sheet, a strong, well-supported brand and logo is one of a company’s most endearing assets. To […]

Unlike a CMS like WordPress where multiple users frequently have full Administrator privileges, Drupal is set by default to only allow one Admin (Super User). Other users in Drupal may be assigned to Authenticated roles to publish on the site, but their options will be extremely limited. For example, Authenticated roles lack the basic capability […]

Here’s how to create an AJAX call in Laravel. Note that none of the login and authentication routes or pages are included in this guide. To set those up refer to the official Laravel page on authentication. Also note that for the code examples only the relevant code is shown, there may be code in […]

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